5 smart ideas for quick relaxation

5 smart ideas for quick relaxation

As active women, it is difficult to find time for ourselves between work, daily tasks, shopping, ... blowing for 2 minutes becomes a challenge!

In reality the ways to relax are through simple things that we tend to forget or put aside, living at full speed. So here are 5 ideas to think about something else and finally ... relax :)


Walk home from work

rentrer à pied du travail pour se détendre

Walking. Sometimes nothing is better to let the body forget the stress of the day and breathe the outside air. A good opportunity to reconnect with his environment and appreciate the air on his face. You can also let your thoughts wander without pressure.

A glass of good wine

Even more appreciated when it is savored in good company, is not :) It is savored with some carrots and celery sticks and a hummus for example. A good glass of wine is always a way to indulge yourself ... in moderation all the same!

A relaxing bath

A few drops of essential oil of lavender, chamomile, marjoram or that of your choice, and you are in your good hot bath with beneficial properties.

Take the opportunity to read a few pages of a book or savor the moment. Simply.


A tea break

Tea can be a real ritual in itself, as in Japan, for example, where a ceremony is dedicated to it.

Hot water has the particular benefit of being able to change our mood. Without forgetting the thirst-quenching and diuretic virtues of certain teas such as green tea.

If it is late, prefer an herbal tea of verbena or chamomile, known for their soothing power.

Take out your favorite mug and let's go for a nice break!

See you soon for further advice :)

Milla, Frenchy Healthy

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