Apple: a fruit that boosts our figure!

Pink Lady, Golden, Granny Smith, Melrose, Braeburn,… apples are varied and particularly versatile. On a bite to eat or on our plates, their benefits are exceptional and deserve a stop. The real + for us healthy girls: they are good for maintaining our figure in a healthy and sustainable way. A quick overview of the benefits of this fruit, which is easily transported in our tote bags and handbags!


Rich in fiber to regulate hunger

The apple is rich in fibers which regulate intestinal transit. The pectin it contains is indeed a soluble fiber that can retain up to 20 times its volume of water. A real remedy for stalling our sweet tooth without ingesting too many calories: an apple has an average of 50 calories. Perfect before a meal or between meals. If you eat it after a meal, beware of bloating because the apple will digest faster than the starches, proteins, etc., in your meal.


It boosts our energy

Rich in vitamins, including C, A and B, full of minerals and trace elements, apples are a must for recharging your batteries. It also provides good hydration with its 90% water. It is chewable! We told you :)

Antioxidant power

The apple is rich in antioxidants and especially in polyphenols. These antioxidants are mainly found in the skin, so remember to wash them well or buy them organic. The apple is also recommended for brain health. The quercetin it contains effectively protects brain cells.


They fight bad cholesterol

Apples are able to significantly lower bad cholesterol levels and slightly increase good cholesterol levels. It is thanks to the pectin that apples prevent fat from clumping in the arteries.

How to choose them?

First of all, know that the apple season is from October to June. So prefer these months to savor them. Then comes the question: with or without the skin? If you eat the skin, it is certain that it will be better to favor organic products. But if you don't have that option, simply immerse your apples in vinegar water for 5 minutes. This will help to extract any pesticides. Then place them at room temperature and bite into them to the fullest!

Do you enjoy apples as much as we do or do you prefer other fruits? What benefits do they bring you? Tell us in comments.

Milla, Frenchy Healthy

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