How to play sports when you are sedentary?

Sitting at the desk all day, eyes riveted on the screen or standing but stomping on the spot ... it's the daily life of many of us at work. There is a lack of physical activity and we have to find ways to compensate. Yes but how ? This is what we will see in this article!

First of all, an observation. Being sedentary all week can lead to health concerns if you are not careful: poor blood circulation, chilliness, weight gain and even depression, especially if the place in which you work is not lighted by the natural light.

So there is no way 36 to remedy this: to play sports. Scientific studies agree that we need a minimum of ... 1 hour of physical activity per day to keep us healthy.

Here are our methods for incorporating a little sport into your work days:

Walk as much as possible
If you are driving to work, try to park it a few minutes walk away, that way you walk and breathe before you start your day and after your work hours. It's very simple and it can even save you a little gas. Better, if your place of work is not very far, consider coming completely on foot or by bike (when the weather is dry) and you will enjoy feeling better.

Take the stairs

prendre les escaliers sport quotidien sédentaire femme

Exit the escalators, the stairs are the best way to build concrete glutes for the summer and a well-maintained cardio. Go up the stairs one by one or two by two when you need to let off steam ... you work your breath and your joints, that's good!

Go out during lunch break

There's nothing like going out to breathe a bit during your lunch break. If the weather is dry, why not consider taking your packed lunch with you and reaching a location a few minutes' walk away. Here again, small efforts pay off in the medium and long term.

sortir pause déjeuner femme sédentarité  

The air of nothing, you are activating! Your skin, mind and body will feel the positive benefits. Come on, 1-2, 1-2, .... see you soon for further advice :)

Milla, Frenchy Healthy

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