My detox day, step by step

My detox day, step by step

That's it, it's decided: today is "detox" day! Objective: purify my body in 24 hours! Do you accept the challenge? Yes ? So hang in there, because eliminating the toxins accumulated in your body cannot be improvised. You will need to stick to a careful schedule, from waking up to going to bed. Follow the guide...

Typical detox day: start by getting off on the right foot
For a successful express detox, it is better to program it during a weekend or during an "off" day.

Indeed, you will have to take care of yourself, and that takes time!

At the start of the day, therefore, it is better to avoid sleeping in since your day will be busy.

After a gentle awakening, it's time for your first detox drink: hot water with squeezed lemon juice!

In addition to rehydrating you, this potion will start the purification of all your toxins.

réveil en douceur journée détox

For the more courageous, head to the bathroom and a good ... cold shower! History of toning the tissues and firming up.

Then it's outdoor activity.

So there is something to suit your taste: walking, jogging, cycling, swimming ... the choice is yours as long as you burn calories!

Please note: no cereal bars allowed. Only water is at will today.

A frugal lunch break for a detox day
On this 100% detox day, you will have to ban all foods of animal origin, which are particularly known to be large sources of organic waste.

On the other hand, you can indulge yourself with the fresh vegetables.

journée détox

Let your imagination run wild to concoct good savory smoothies or a "grandma" style soup that your taste buds will remember.

For dessert, no dairy products.

Prefer a fruit instead.

Also remember to drink plenty of water. Keep in mind that hydration is the best way to drain your body quickly.

After this quick lunch, nothing prevents you from indulging in the pleasures of a nap, as long as the break is not too long.

My typical detox day: afternoon and evening "relaxation"
Taking care of your body also means doing good to your mind.

On this day dedicated to your detox, you must also think about yourself, take the time to do the things that are important to you or that will make you feel good.

While some will book a wellness session in a beauty salon, others will prefer an outing with girlfriends or a visit with the family.

It's up to everyone, but remember to take a bottle of water with you.

In the evening, most will certainly have their stomachs in their heels, but with that pleasant feeling of having had a good day.

Dinner is in line with lunch.

On the evening menu: whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, and especially no fat! You will have to be imaginative and put yourself in the kitchen! Afterwards, direction the arms of Morphée ...

See you soon for further advice,


Drink pure water and do something for the planet


gourde détox filtre à charbon

The detox bottle, thanks to its carbon filter, filters tap water to make it odorless, tasty and organic pollutant. Find out here!

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  • Lopes

    Très bien expliqué ça donne envie de faire merci

  • Nathalie

    On peut aussi faire une détox en faisant un jeûne sec, c’est à dire sans manger et sans boire d’eau de façon à laisser son organisme se reposer. C’est un choix plus difficile mais tellement efficace.

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