Our tips for restful sleep

We all dream of having restful nights and waking up feeling great all year round. But it is clear that it is not so easy to sleep soundly. Worries in mind, waking up in the middle of the night, ... we give you our tips to remedy it and join the arms of Morpheus as efficiently as possible!

We focus on consistency

It's simple: our body is modeled on the movements of the earth and the planets, the famous circadian rhythm. Nature has its laws and the first is to respect the rhythms day and night. When the light level drops, it sends a message to the pineal gland through the eyes and then all the cells in the body begin to adjust their functions.


Try to go to bed at least 90 minutes before midnight, which is 10:30 p.m. maximum. This is one of the most powerful phases of sleep since it is the period during which the body is replenished. It regenerates itself on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Also favor regular sleep schedules. For example, get into the habit of having a ritual before bed to give your body these sleep reflexes. Breathe in an essential oil of lavender known for its relaxing properties, take a shower, meditate, read, ... the activity you prefer, the important thing is that this moment is pleasant for you.


We avoid stimulants before going to sleep

Coffee, dark chocolate, alcohol, etc. What we eat in the evening can have a negative influence on our sleep. Alcohol can thus go so far as to cause sweating during the night, dehydration and therefore this irrepressible urge to get up to drink a glass of water.

The famous square of chocolate before falling asleep, why not, but not just any. Dark chocolate contains 20g of caffeine for 4 squares. It is better to taste it at afternoon tea.

Also avoid screens after 8 p.m. The light they give off, as well as WiFi waves, do not mix with restful sleep. Without causing excessive withdrawal, start by reducing the light intensity of the screens. Applications exist to decrease the intensity of blue light from your screens.

Make your room a haven of peace

If you can, use your bedroom only for sleeping (and making love!). If you set up your office there, the transition from work to sleep will be less easy, it is up to you to discipline yourself more. 

Moderate the temperature in your room. It is important not to be cold or hot. Each one feels at this level, it all depends on your bedding. Our body should be able to lose between 1 and 1.5 ° C when falling asleep. It will therefore be necessary to help our body to lower its temperature, in particular by avoiding physical activity just before falling asleep.

Prefer natural bedding and neutral colors in your room, they will have an immediate soothing effect. Likewise, do not leave your wifi nearby, we are more or less sensitive to its waves.

You can also decorate your bedroom with one or more depolluting plants. They bring new oxygen, that's good :)

Here are some of the tips that we have personally tested. There are many more. And besides, what are your rituals? Comment on this article below.

Milla, Frenchy Healthy 

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