Cristal Key ™ - Bag Holder Hook
Cristal Key ™ - Bag Holder Hook
Cristal Key ™ - Bag Holder Hook
Cristal Key ™ - Bag Holder Hook

Cristal Key ™ - Bag Holder Hook

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✔️ Crystal Key ™ is intended for all active women who care about their belongings. Protect your handbag and even your mask with our multifunction hook. This accompanies you on a daily basis.


porte sac cristal key crochet pratique masque et sac à main

✔️ For those who work in the office, eat out, go out with girlfriends and don't want to leave their purse and mask within reach of germs, bacteria and dust. Cristal Key ™ is the ideal solution for keeping your personal belongings safe and close to you.

Small and easy to transport, our hook accompanies you on all your travels. Enjoy a feeling of cleanliness and security wherever you go thanks to its ultra magnetic magnet!


Very sturdy, our magnetic hook is created from durable and long-lasting materials. You'll be able to enjoy your Cristal Key™ on a daily basis without worrying about damaging it.

Our hook has been conceptualized to be design, practical and light. It fits in your pocket or bag. Very elegant with its rhinestones with multicolored reflections, Cristal Key ™ goes with your outfits and your style.


cristal key porte sac et porte masque hygiène et protection poussière

Très robuste, notre crochet magnétique est créé à partir de matières durables et résistantes. Vous pourrez profiter au quotidien de votre Cristal Key™ sans craindre de l’abîmer.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Lara | "These bag hangers are really great! Super practical to be able to hang your bag, at the restaurant table or at your desk! No need to put your things on the floor."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Sarah | "I found the Canon idea! Also useful at this time to hang your mask instead of putting it on the table or a chair or folding it in your pocket or purse, not always clean. I took one for my mother too, she is delighted :) "

Question. Is the hook strong enough to last?

Cristal Key ™ has been tested and validated by the Frenchy Healthy team according to a protocol and precise standards.

Question. Can you hang your mask on the hook?

Sure ! Cristal Key ™ helps protect your mask from bacteria and dust. You can hang it on it which makes it easier for you to find it.

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Characteristics :

1x Crystal Key ™ bag holder hook
Material: Stainless steel / white rhinestones with multicolored reflections


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