Programme Healthy Fit - Challenge 30 jours


Without endless and exhausting cardio sessions

Without going to the gym

Without deprivation or frustration

While being a beginner or intermediate level


All you need is a gym mat, the work is done with your body weight

Manage your diet efficiently without frustration or deprivation

Gluten-free and lactose-free options for those who want to limit or avoid these intakes

Easily set up good habits (exercise and diet)

Exercises carried out especially for women at the beginner or intermediate level by a certified coach

Boost your self-confidence and regain your energy

Measure your results (tone + silhouette) every week



Exercises led by a certified coach

For 10 years, our coach has been supporting women like you, who want to know how to perform movements correctly and stay motivated!

Train where and when you want

Track targeted exercises day by day and choose where you train, whether at home, on vacation or with friends, all you need is a connection and your gym mat!

Structured workouts to help you progress
Don't be put off, our coach will teach you how to exercise while having fun. The sessions are easy to follow and the exercises diverse and short.

Feel empowered, regardless of your fitness level

You can start training with us at any time. The exercises are designed for women at the beginner and intermediate level.


Your journey to refine and tone yourself starts here!

3 main axes to reach your fitness goal:

Exercises: muscle building and cardio at your own pace
Food: specific menus to target fat and balance intake
Positivity: positive quotes to keep the right frame of mind

    The Healthy-Fit program was designed for women who:

    Every week, 15 new videos

    to train at home


    • 30 minutes of exercises every day spread over 3 modules
      2 muscular days of rest per week
      Each module lasts 10 minutes: enough to ensure a fast and efficient session wherever you are!


    Sculpt your waist

    Refine your legs

    Muscle your glutes

    Tone your arms

    Strengthen your abs and aim for a flat stomach

    30 days of menus to target fat and revitalize you

    4 weeks of menus (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner)
    15 slimming and healthy recipes
    Ebook designed and validated by a state-certified dietitian.

      ... And that's not all !

      30 days of positive citation to keep the right frame of mind :)

      We know how much your state of mind conditions your results. You will therefore also receive your "Positive Journal". We have gathered quotes from great thinkers and artists to allow you to surround yourself with good energies throughout the program!

      ➥ Discover your program in detail

      3 modules to reach your fitness and well-being goal!

      Challenge Semaine 1 - exercices vidéo (15 vidéos)

      Challenge Semaine 2 - exercices vidéo (15 vidéos)

      Challenge Semaine 3 - exercices vidéo (15 vidéos)

      Challenge Semaine 4 - exercices vidéo (15 vidéos)

      Votre Ebook d'exercices illustrés (35 pages)

      Your 30-day nutrition and menus Ebook validated by a dietician (59 pages)

      Your 30-day "Positive Journal" Ebook (36 page


      Floriane W.

      Fiona F.


      + 3 EBOOK BOOKS FOR: € 39

      Instead of: 59 €


      “Healthy Fit” is a turnkey 4-week sport, nutrition and lifestyle program. It is composed of a series of videos spread over 30 days to effectively build muscle and slim down at home, with a dose of humor! The exercises, simple and diverse, are explained by Cyprien, our certified coach. And several digital guides: The nutrition guide: A 4-week schedule of complete menus (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner) with lactose-free and gluten-free options for those who wish to limit or avoid these intakes. … .Recipes without gluten and lactose Nutritional advice The exercise guide: It recapitulates, one by one, all the exercises that you will have to perform during these 30 days, to find flexibility, firmness, vitality and achieve your goals.

      The program is 4 weeks. The digital guides are instantly downloadable and the exercise videos are accessible online through your private area. The logbook will guide you through the weeks.

      This program can be done entirely at home. No equipment is needed other than a gym mat. The exercises are performed in body weight. So all you need is a mat and an internet connection!

      Absolutely. Our site has an SSL certificate (https :) guaranteeing you encryption of all data passing through our website. In addition, the Stripe and Paypal platforms that we use are currently the most secure on the market. When you browse our website, you can be sure that you are browsing safely.

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      At the end of the payment, an email is sent to you summarizing the order. You receive a second email with your private access to the "Healthy Fit" program

      Yes of course ! It was designed for just that. Our certified coach shows you how to perform the movements correctly and stay motivated!

      Absoutely ! You are free to start the program whenever you want. The digital guides and exercise videos will remain unlimited for 1 year.

      Yes, the guides and videos will help you achieve your goal. The main thing when you have a "figure" goal is to follow the instructions in the nutritional guide. Food is 80% of the job! The sports schedule will allow you to come and sculpt, refine and tone your body.

      Yes. This program allows you to restore shape where it is needed while toning the silhouette.

      If you stick to the nutritional plan and the sports sessions planned in your logbook, you will see the first results from the third week, and the results will be even more convincing at the end of the program.

      Each workout lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. Some focus on warming up, others on stretching, others focus on cardio while pushing past The methods used in these sessions are the most effective to date. They allow a "profitable" training: short but effective.

      Nothing is required. It all depends on you, your goals and your well-being vision. However, if you hope for a “figure” goal by participating in this program, it will be more effective and relevant to follow the nutritional program. Food accounts for about 80% of the figure's work. The menus offered have been developed with the help of a nutritionist in order to obtain the best possible results.

      At the end of the 3 weeks, you are free to establish your own meal plan or you can start over with the one offered to you.

      No. In order to protect this program, videos cannot be downloaded. An internet connection is required to access it.

      As the content is downloadable and in accordance with the general conditions of sale, no refund is possible.

      If you did not find the answer to your question in this FAQ, contact us at this email address contact (@) for any questions relating to the program only.

      Of course ! We often think (wrongly) that from a certain age it is no longer possible to transform when it is not at all the case. "Healthy Fit" is a program that is simple to perform and which will bring you visible and lasting results whatever your age.