"MyStep™" - Stepper Balance and Cardio
"MyStep™" - Stepper Balance and Cardio
"MyStep™" - Stepper Balance and Cardio
"MyStep™" - Stepper Balance and Cardio
"MyStep™" - Stepper Balance and Cardio
"MyStep™" - Stepper Balance and Cardio
"MyStep™" - Stepper Balance and Cardio
"MyStep™" - Stepper Balance and Cardio

"MyStep™" - Stepper Balance and Cardio

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 |  🔥 100 CALORIES IN 13 MINUTES 🔥 |

mystep stepper gonflable polyvalent

✔️ For all women who want to burn calories while having fun: with MyStep ™, 100 calories in 13 minutes of exercise.

✔️ Whether you are a beginner or intermediate level, for all those who want to refine quickly while exercising their balance and their heart. MyStep ™ is also ultra effective on cellulite.

✔️ But that's not all: MyStep ™ is also super effective on the whole body: abs, waist, buttocks, thighs, calves, arms, back. Follow the exercises in your included Ebook, we made it easy for you!

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 So are you ready?

We almost forgot! At Frenchy Healthy, we are mostly women, so we know the mental load! We have therefore decided to simplify your life by offering you a product that can be practiced at home and inflatable (ideal for your travels).

Nothing's easier ! Just place both feet on the stepper and step on one foot and then the other as if you were sinking into the ground. MyStep ™ revolutionizes the traditional, heavy, bulky and single-use stepper:


stepper exercices variés pour tonifier le corps et trouver l'équilibre

So, whether you start or end your day, you are at home and you train the whole body quietly:

  • The classic steps: to work your cardio (heart and general endurance) and your balance
  • Work your abs by resting your glutes on MyStep ™ and lifting your legs as far as possible keeping your back straight.
  • Bending your legs by throwing the glutes backwards strengthens your legs and glutes (Squat)
  • Strengthen your back, arms, shoulders and abs with the plank exercise, resting your elbows on MyStep ™ and holding as long as possible!

stepper gonflable équilibre et cardio MyStep


The step is a good exercise for burning calories. By modulating the resistance, pace and duration of the MyStep ™ session, you will benefit from an effective aerobic workout that stimulates the cardiovascular system and promotes fat burning. MyStep ™ thus allows an energy expenditure of between 300 to 700 calories for one hour of practice. Associated with a balanced diet, it is an excellent slimming ally which also promotes muscle building.

 excellent travail de proprioception muscles


Proprioception is the set of nervous information transmitted to the brain allowing the regulation of posture and body movements. For example, a lack of a proprioceptive reflex can be the cause of sprains, the ankle muscles not being contracted at the right time. This work will allow better movement, reception, anticipation and reaction.

 MyStep équilibre exercices dos abdominaux triceps


In addition, MyStep ™ is equipped with micro pins over its entire surface. They have a non-slip function as well as a massage function all over the soles of the feet. MyStep ™ is reversible. If you want a high intensity massage, choose the round pimples, if you want a gentle massage, choose the dimpled side.

massage alvéoles stepper picots gonflable

We are not hiding it from you, we will have to work! But only 10 to 15 short minutes a day is enough. For example, you can take breaks with MyStep ™ if you work in front of a screen all day: not only will this bring you fun but you will also be more productive! In just 3 weeks, the results are already evident, your brand new toned body gives you back your self-confidence and you already feel much lighter! Awesome, isn't it?

bikini body training board

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Alicia | "Ultra practical: I take it from the living room to the kitchen without worries. It reminds me of the memories of the trampoline with a very pleasant feeling while doing cardio. Ideal for balance too!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Marylou | "I am surprisingly surprised by the quality of MyStep, it is very resistant, the material reminds me of pilate balls. The pump is provided and it comes in a waterproof storage bag, everything you need to start the day off on the right foot. I recommend to anyone who wants a fun way to talk at home. "


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Included in your order:

1 MyStep ™ (37cm x 6.8cm x 33cm | 890g)
1 Exercise eBook with full instructions
1 manual pump supplied!


stepper mystep gonflable steps chez soi à domicile

  * Variable according to your morphology and metabolism

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